Editor’s Note: Fall 2021

“Windvane Kiosk” by Jim Garrett sits on top of an informational kiosk in front of Burien City Hall.

In this issue, we are kicking off a series telling stories about ways your local government works. You’ll get to meet a few of the City staff who work hard behind the scenes to deliver service to the Burien community. We also show how community feedback influences not only new legislation, but also where infrastructure is built or updates to zoning that allow for certain types of housing and development. We are also kicking off a “virtual academy” video series where you can learn more about how your local city government works and how community can influence and weigh in.

We’ll also be featuring stories about community members making a difference. The recipients of Burien’s Citizen of the Year award are showing up for their neighbors by using their imagination, talents, and compassion. A team of high school students is banding together to combat climate change. And a group of educators is connecting urban Native youth to a new way of studying science.

These stories show that building a strong and resilient Burien involves everyone—we hope you’ll join us.

Emily Inlow-Hood
Communications & Public Engagement Manager at | More posts
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