Burien Magazine is produced by the City of Burien, and features stories of programs and services offered by the City of Burien. We also feature profiles of Burien’s community leaders, share stories that inspire a sense of connection and community, and promote important educational information to help improve the quality of life for residents. Our ultimate goal is to inspire a civic pride in our community and local businesses.

Since 2015, the magazine has been delivered to every household and business in Burien, four times per year. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, caused us to re-evaluate how we deliver this important publication. In 2021, we started delivering only two print issues, in the spring and fall, but began publishing stories to the online Burien Magazine year-round.

The magazine is supported by advertising from local businesses. Not only does this help support an important method for your local government to reach you with vital information, but it also supports our local economy by offering local businesses an affordable yet effective way to advertise directly to local customers. Learn more about how to advertise in Burien Magazine.

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