Building Burien: Spring 2023

Infrastructure projects help build a healthy and livable community for all.

The City of Burien is working on or has recently completed the following infrastructure projects in Burien this year. These community investments help build a healthy and livable community for all.

Bus stop with covered awning and a trash receptacle.

RapidRide H Line

Location: Ambaum Boulevard SW between SW 116th St (north city limits) and SW 150th St (Burien Transit Center).

Project details: King County Metro upgraded Metro Bus Route 120 to RapidRide H Line. The new bus line provides frequent connections from neighborhoods in Burien, White Center, and West Seattle to downtown Seattle and connections to other bus service and light rail options. The H Line project included pedestrian and vehicle safety improvements, including enhanced bus stops, a dedicated bus lane, and more.

Project status: Service launched March 18, 2023. More info at or email

Two large HVAC units outdoors.

Burien Community Center HVAC & Lighting Replacement

Location: 14700 6th Ave SW

Project Details: This project replaced the 50-year-old HVAC system with an up-to-date electric energy-efficient system that will provide higher-quality ventilation within the Burien Community Center. It also converts lighting to more energy-efficient LED. These projects will reduce carbon emissions and reduce energy bills.

Project Status: Work began in September 2022 and was completed in January 2023.

Creek shaded by overgrown green brush.

Miller Creek Daylighting Project

Location: Near S 144th St and Des Moines Memorial Drive S

Project Details: This project relocates and daylights approximately 500 feet of stream channel that currently passes through a combination of degraded natural channel and failing culverts, in the vicinity of S 144th St and Des Moines Memorial Drive S. The project also provides environmental enhancements along the corridor and stormwater quality improvements for roadway runoff.

Project Status: Project design complete. Construction expected to begin spring 2023.

Young person with backpack walking along the shoulder of a street with no sidewalk.

4th Ave SW Pedestrian Improvement

Location: 4th Ave SW between SW 156th St and SW 160th St

Project Details: This project will provide pedestrian improvements for better accessibility and promotion of pedestrian (primarily, school children’s) safety. A new sidewalk will be installed on the east side of the roadway and bike lanes will be installed on both sides.

Project Status: Design is complete. Construction easements and property rights will be obtained in 2023 and 2024. A federal grant was received for the construction and is available for the 2025 construction season.

Side of residential street has standing water.

20th Ave S Drainage Improvements

Location: 20th Ave S between S 120th St and S 124th St

Project Details: Addresses aging and failing stormwater infrastructure along 20th Ave S and will include installation of approximately 1,300 linear feet of new or replacement stormwater pipe, along with eight piped crossings of 20th Ave S to connect existing private drains to the new system on the west side of the street.

Project Status: Construction was substantially completed in January 2023.

Construction workers in orange safety shirts and hard hats work on a section of pipe.

S 140th St Trunkline Project

Location: S 140th St between 8th Ave S and Des Moines Memorial Dr S

Project Details: Installs a new stormwater trunkline along S 140th St to accommodate existing development and facilitate future development. Project will include bioretention to address roadway impacts to water quality in nearby Miller Creek.

Project Status: Project design is complete. Construction is expected to begin in fall 2023.

Moshier Memorial Park and Stormwater Improvements

Location: 430 S 156th St

Project details: This project made significant stormwater improvements to the parking lot and park, completely renovating the parking lot by adding walkways and planter strips. The baseball and softball field was converted to synthetic turf using a wood infill to provide additional recreational uses including youth soccer and lacrosse. The restroom and concessionaire building were also replaced.

Project status: The project is complete.

Construction workers in safety gear repair pavement in the middle of an intersection.

Pavement Management Program

Location: Manhattan neighborhood, SW 160th St & S 160th St (as well as citywide pothole repairs)

Project Details: The 2023 pavement program will include pothole repairs and crack sealing, together with full reconstruction and pavement overlay projects.

Project status: Construction will take place August-September 2023.

A tree that has displaced sections of sidewalk and curb.

S 136th St Sidewalk Improvements

Location: S 136th St between 1st Ave S and Des Moines Memorial Drive S

Project Details: This project will reconstruct sidewalks on both sides of S 136th St that have been severely damaged from mature tree roots. Existing trees will be removed, and new landscaping will be installed where space allows, existing street parking on the north side of the street will be eliminated, bike lanes will be installed, water quality features will be constructed, and a new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) will be installed at 3rd Ave S for pedestrian crossings.

Project Status: Project construction has been awarded to R. L. Alia. The tentative start date for construction is the first week of April 2023.

A car drives through an intersection with street lights and crosswalks.

SW 148th St Intersection Improvements

Location: SW 148th St between 4th Ave SW and 6th Ave SW

Project Details: This project will reconstruct the traffic signal and add a northbound right turn lane at SW 148th St and 4th Ave SW, construct a new traffic signal at SW 148th St and 6th Ave SW, upgrade pedestrian facilities to meet accessibility (ADA) requirements, reconstruct a rockery at SW 148th St and 4th Ave SW, and add pedestrian-level lighting on the south side of SW 148th St.

Project Status: This project has been awarded a construction grant from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board. Design and right-of-way acquisition will be completed in 2023 with construction anticipated in 2024.

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