Tips for throwing an eco-friendly party

We all know that litter is harmful to the environment. As plastic litter degrades, chemicals and microparticles are released that can harm water quality and wildlife. Wondering how you can throw an awesome party in one of our parks and help protect our environment? Here are some ways that you can throw an outdoor party that is also friendly to the planet.

Happy Birthday fabric banner.

Say goodbye to balloons and confetti

Did you know balloons and confetti are not allowed at Burien parks? They not only have a negative impact on the parks, beach, and wildlife, but they are also a pain to clean up! A fabric banner you can use year after year is a fun alternative and can turn into a treasured family heirloom.

Child wearing gloves picking up trash and holding trash bag.

Clean up after your party

Our hard-working parks maintenance staff and volunteers do what they can to keep our parks clean. Please be sure you don’t leave behind a mess for them and pack out everything you brought in.

Photograph of beach and water.

Our parks are the decoration

Let the beauty of Burien parks shine by not decorating. Can you really beat the view of Puget Sound?

Photograph of three colorful plates.

Choose sustainable

Save money and the planet by packing plates, cups, and reusable napkins if you can. Better yet? Ask your guest to bring a colorful plate or cup of their own to use! Or, if you don’t want to do dishes, try and buy compostable or recyclable products.

Flowers in vases.

Flowers as favors

Ditch the small plastic toy party favors. Using flowers to decorate? Great! Send your guest home with them as party favors. Other ideas include locally made honey, jam, or chocolate.

Want to do more to protect our local parks? Contact to learn about volunteer opportunities in the Green Burien Partnership program.

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