Message from the City Manager (Spring 2020)

Brian J. Wilson, Burien City Manager.

Retaining the value of Burien’s nonprofit arts and service organizations operating out of the Burien Community Center Annex and the end-of-life condition of this building have recently been top of mind for many in the community. Following notification on December 2, 2019 of the condition of the Annex through a Council commissioned report from MENG Analysis, the priorities of the City of Burien have been:

  • safety for tenants, children, staff, and visitors of the Annex, now and into the future;
  • managing the overall risk and liability to the City based on the current condition of the building; and
  • through the Annex Tenant Support Team, ensuring the sustainability of the nonprofit tenants (during the transition and for the long term) with support and assistance.

The Annex Tenant Support Team has been working for the past two months to find new locations for the seven nonprofits currently leasing space in the Annex. Council provided direction to extend month-to-month leases with a maximum term of six months ending July 31, 2020. Six of the seven nonprofits operating out of the Annex have signed these short-term, month-to-month leases.

After conducting extensive research and networking, including input from tenants, the Annex Tenant Support Team presented locations to all the tenant organizations that could fit their programming needs. Dozens of potential locations and co-location opportunities were presented, and staff from the nonprofit organizations are considering their options. Staff from the City of Burien, Small Business Development Center, Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce, and Discover Burien have been helping with site location and technical assistance.

While some of the organizations have found new short-term locations, others still need help. Even the organizations who have been able to relocate successfully still need long-term support to ensure their service to the community can both grow and thrive. We encourage the community to reach out to these organizations and learn ways you can support each organization’s mission.

If you have ideas for ways to support these organizations, contact the Annex Tenant Support Team at

These seven nonprofits, just like the approximately 150 nonprofits that also serve our Burien community, play an essential role in contributing to the health and quality of life for our residents and our community. The City of Burien is committed to working in partnership with these organizations now and into the future. Safety, managing the overall risk and liability to the City, and the continued work of our Annex Tenant Support Team remain the priorities moving forward.

Your feedback is valued and appreciated. Please let me know your thoughts and how the City can better serve you.

Brian J. Wilson
Former City Manager at | More posts
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