Funding a Vibrant and Creative Community

Meet the 2023 Arts and Culture Grants recipients, and read the latest update on public funding for art in Burien.

During their budget process last fall, the Burien City Council doubled the amount of funding for the City of Burien’s annual Arts and Culture Grants program from $20,000 to $40,000. The grant program funds programs and projects for both artists and arts and heritage organizations that provide cultural opportunities for Burien residents.

“With the designation of a new creative district in Burien, we hope our grant program can contribute to Burien’s identity as an arts- and culture-oriented city,” said Carolyn Hope, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director.

The Burien Arts Commission, a volunteer advisory board selected by the City Council, reviews the grant applications during meetings that are open to the public. Commissioners present their recommendations to the City Council, who has final approval on which projects get selected and how much funding they will receive.

In 2023, the City received ten eligible applications requesting $38,650. All ten organizations received funding.

2023 Arts and Culture Grants Recipients

  • Burien Actors Theatre: Shelter-in-Place Season, ongoing programming. Awarded $3,000.
  • Burien Arts Association: “7 Stories”. Awarded $1,400
  • Encanto Arts: Concert: Awarded $5,000
  • Highline Community Symphonic Band: 2023 Concert Series. Awarded $750
  • The Hi-Liners Inc.: Mainstage Production-Mary Poppins. Awarded $6,000
  • Momentum Dance Ensemble: 2023 Ballet Productions. Awarded $3,000
  • Northwest Associated Arts (NWAA): NWAA Spring Concert. Awarded $7,500
  • Northwest Symphony Orchestra: Sustained support/ongoing programming. Awarded $8,000
  • Orchestra of Flight: Orchestral Music to Nontraditional Communities. Awarded $750.
Young person working on an outdoor mural holds a brush with green paint up to a wall.
Students worked with local nonprofits to paint a mural condemning gun violence.

New “Open for Arts” program to offer small grants 

In partnership with the Arts Commission, the City has launched “Open for Arts” program offering small grants to individuals, organizations, and community groups for arts and culture projects and events that serve the general public in Burien.

Each year, $4,600 will be distributed to support projects and events that create arts and cultural impact, including the development, production, and presentation of art by Burien artists and public arts and culture activities in Burien.

These grants may also be used to fund unforeseen opportunities that fall outside of the traditional Burien Arts and Culture Grants timeline, support arts programming that has not previously received city funding, or support arts programming by ethnically diverse or underserved communities.

Long-serving cultural arts supervisor steps down

Gina Kallman has retired as Burien’s cultural arts supervisor after more than 15 years of service. Kallman managed the Arts and Culture Grants program, along with the Moshier Art Center and Burien’s arts and culture programming. She will continue to work at the Moshier Art Center as a Ceramic Technician. Thank you, Gina, for your decades of service to the Burien community!

Caroline Bobanick will be serving in her previous role. Welcome, Caroline!

New Plan Sets New Vision for Public Art

The City is developing a public art plan as part of its updated, six-year Parks, Recreation and Open Space plan. The plan will be informed by feedback received last year through a survey and community input gathered through the Shape Your City initiative. Learn more online at

A collage mural featuring many small colorful pieces of artwork and the words "Our Highline Community" at top.
Highline Heritage Museum received a funding boost from the City of Burien during the 2023-2024 budget.

Highline Heritage Museum Receives Funding

During its last budget cycle, the Burien City Council voted to allocate $20,000 of the City’s General Fund to Highline Heritage Museum for ongoing support of the work the institution does to preserve and share the history and heritage of Burien.

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