Editor’s Note: Fall 2020

Illustration of Communications Officer Emily Inlow-Hood standing in front of Burien City Hall

Our world has transformed in ways we will not fully recognize until many years from now. We are facing this generation’s greatest challenges—a global pandemic, a national movement to address systemic racism and policing, and an economic recession. In addition, climate change is still looming, and we still must address the systemic roots of many of our most persistent social challenges. 

We have lost family members, friends, and coworkers to COVID-19, and many have been sickened and will face long-term health effects. Many people have lost jobs or their businesses. And social isolation, and the sadness of deferred family gatherings, is compounding the grief and trauma that many are feeling during this difficult time.

While it may seem like everything is changing, there are things that have stayed the same.

Children are beginning their new school year at home, but they are still connected to their teachers and school community.

Local businesses are displaying incredible grit and ingenuity as they transform their operations and continue to serve the community.

Your local government is still providing services, though it may be via Zoom, email, or a website.

Neighbors continue to find ways to stay connected by masking up and keeping six feet of distance while they volunteer for local food banks or other community efforts.

We are a strong community. While Burien doesn’t have the financial resources of some of our neighboring jurisdictions, Burien does have a small-town, entrepreneurial spirit and community that is dedicated to helping each other make it through.

This issue took us some time to pull together. It’s hard to tell a story that you are still living. That’s why this issue will not be the last one devoted to the major challenges, and opportunities, we are facing. It is through telling our individual stories that we can find hope, grow more resilient, and begin to heal.

Stay strong, stay healthy, as we all move #BurienForwardTogether.

Emily Inlow-Hood
Communications & Public Engagement Manager at | More posts
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I want to thank the City Council and the community for giving me the opportunity to serve the citizens of Burien over the last four and a half years. It has been an honor and a privilege to return to my hometown, lead an outstanding staff, and implement policy on behalf of the City Council.