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Artemio and Lety Coria in front of their restaurant, El Cabrito. Photo credit: Amanda Snyder/City of Burien.

How Burien Businesses are Navigating the Pandemic

“For a healthy economy, we need a healthy community.”

Dr. Jeff Duchin, Public Health Officer for King County

The pandemic has caused a dual crisis—a public health emergency and an economic slowdown that hasn’t been seen since the Great Recession. Policy leaders have tried to walk a fine line between protecting public health and safety, and protecting the economy in order to prevent massive job losses and permanently closed businesses.

Burien’s small businesses often support multiple generations of a family or household and are essential to Burien’s small-town character. While there have been efforts to get funding to these small businesses in the forms of grant programs and other resources, many of our businesses have responded to the pandemic with ingenuity and creativity, while keeping the focus on their customers. We want to highlight a few of these stories.

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Lorraine Chachere
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