Burien’s Climate Action Plan Supports Regional Efforts to Build Resilient Community

While the City of Burien develops its first climate action plan, historic state legislation is also tackling climate change.

To prepare for the impacts of climate change, the City of Burien is working with neighbors and community leaders to develop Burien’s first community-level climate action plan. The goal of the plan is to detail strategic and achievable strategies to reduce the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions emitted in Burien. The plan will also recommend actions that both government and community can take to help create a more resilient Burien.

The City has convened a community advisory group, hosted two community workshops, conducted a community-wide survey, and spent time at community events talking to Burien community members about the plan. The third and final community workshop will be held in September. Burien’s climate action plan complements regional efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect communities from the worst impacts of climate change.

State and regional progress on climate action

The 2021 state legislative session saw historic progress in Washington’s effort to tackle climate change.

HB 1050: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fluorinated gases. Hydrofluorocarbons (“HFCs”), or fluorinated gases, are one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Washington. HFCs are also one of the most potent greenhouse gases in existence. These chemicals are typically used in refrigeration, insulating foams, and as propellants.

What does the law do?

  • Establishes a refrigerant management program to address leaks or other emissions from large air conditioning units and refrigeration equipment.
  • Provides direction on end of life management of HFC-containing refrigerants.
  • Establishes a state purchasing and procurement preference for recycled refrigerants.
  • Establishes a maximum global warming threshold for HFC’s uses in new refrigeration units (including ice rinks).

HB 1091: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuel. Transportation is the largest category of greenhouse gas emission in Washington state (45% of the total emissions). Washington joins Oregon, California, and British Columbia who have all adopted clean fuel standards.This new clean fuel standard will not raise fuel prices.

What does the law do?

  • Cuts emissions gradually by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels. Clean fuel standards will require fuel producers to reduce carbon intensity of their fuels 20% below 2017 levels by 2038.

SB 5126: Concerning the Washington climate commitment act.

What does the law do?

  • Caps and reduces climate pollution and creates revenue for climate investments to help Washington transition to a clean energy infrastructure and economy.
  • Prioritize investments that advance equity and environmental justice.

King County’s Strategic Climate Action Plan (SCAP): Adopted in 2021, the SCAP is a five-year blueprint for County climate action, integrating climate change into all areas of County operations and work with King County cities, partners, communities, and residents. The SCAP outlines King County’s priorities and commitments for climate action to residents and partners.

Get Involved

  • Learn: Look out for the draft climate action plan to be released this fall, including Burien’s greenhouse gas emission inventory and draft strategies and actions at burienwa.gov/climate.
  • Public comment: While the survey is closed, you can still email comments to environment@burienwa.gov or directly to the City Council at council@burienwa.gov.
  • Attend: The third and final community workshop will provide another opportunity to weigh in. The City Council will discuss the plan this fall. Find meeting details at burienwa.gov/climate.
  • Volunteer: Find opportunities to volunteer with Green Burien Partnership, a program that aims to protect Burien’s urban forest through education, environmental restoration, and volunteer work parties, at burienwa.gov/GreenBurien.
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