Burien Restaurant Co-Op Boosts Business Purchasing Power

To help businesses with the transition to compostable food serviceware, the City of Burien and Zero Waste Washington are working with Discover Burien to establish the Burien Restaurant Co-Op, a compostable products purchasing cooperative. Scheduled to launch this summer, the Burien Restaurant Co-Op will help businesses in Burien combine purchasing power and receive lower prices from vendors on compostable products.

The co-op will provide other benefits, such as free delivery of products to Burien, access to a larger selection of products, a local business support network, and time saved on purchasing orders.

“Discover Burien is excited to help businesses and restaurants work together in the new Burien Restaurant Co-Op program so that high-quality, compostable, and zero-waste products are affordable and accessible to all in the city of Burien,” said Debra George, executive director of Discover Burien. “By purchasing compostable items in bulk and storing them at our location in downtown Burien, the financial burden and time commitment will be far less of a load to carry than individually per business. We hope this new program will help make way for a vibrant and sustainable future in Burien.”

If you are interested in learning more or receiving updates on the Burien Restaurant Co-Op, please send an email to ed@discoverburien.org or environment@burienwa.gov.

Paige Scheid
Former Sustainability Manager at | More posts
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