Burien Public Art

In Burien, art is often just around the corner. Since 1998, both privately owned and publicly funded art, created by generations of artists, has enriched the lives of Burien residents. Take a creative walking tour through Burien by exploring both permanent public artworks installed throughout the community as well as rotating, storefront galleries in our downtown.

Public Art Plan

The City of Burien is developing a long-range public art plan. Please help us understand your priorities for public art by taking the short survey below (available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese).

The Burien Art in Public Places Fund was established by ordinance in 1998. It sets aside 50 cents per capita every year to support public art in Burien.


“Sacred Circles” by Augustina Droze

“Gunther’s Observation Tree” by Brett Piper

“Bee Riders” by Vikram Madan

“The Far Shore” by Shannon Folino

“The Magical Burien” by Heather Landis

“The Toonerville Trolley” by Ted Larson

“Ghost Dancing” by Richard Beyer

“Drinking Fountain” by Richard Beyer

“Osprey” by Mantra

“Helios Pavilion” by James Harrison

“Eagle” by Jack McEntire