Building Burien: Summer 2024

This summer, the City of Burien is working on improving multiple roadways, updating play equipment in parks, and celebrating the successful completion of multiple projects throughout the city.

The City of Burien is working on or has recently completed the following infrastructure projects in Burien. These community investments help build a healthy and livable community for all.

Creek surrounded by green vegetation.
Miller Creek in Burien.

Miller Creek Daylighting Project

Location: Near South 144th Street and Des Moines Memorial Drive South.

Project Details: This project relocates and daylights approximately 500 feet of stream channel that currently passes through a combination of degraded natural channel and failing culverts near South 144th Street and Des Moines Memorial Drive South. The project also provides environmental enhancements along the corridor and stormwater quality improvements for roadway runoff.

Project Status: Construction will resume in fall 2024 and be complete in fall 2025.

Young person with backpack walking along the shoulder of a street with no sidewalk.
Student walking to school along the shoulder of 4th Avenue SW in Burien.

4th Avenue SW Pedestrian Improvement

Location: 4th Avenue SW between SW 156th Street and SW 160th Street.

Project Details: This project will provide pedestrian improvements for better accessibility and promotion of pedestrian safety (school children, primarily). A new sidewalk will be installed on the east side of the roadway and bike lanes will be installed on both sides.

Project Status: Construction to begin in late summer 2025.

Worker in orange shirt and yellow hard hat inspects exposed stormwater infrastructure.
Worker inspects stormwater infrastructure.

South 140th Street Trunkline Project

Location: South 140th Street between 8th Avenue South and Des Moines Memorial Drive South.

Project Details: This project will install a new stormwater trunkline along South 140th Street to accommodate existing development and facilitate future development. Project will include bioretention to address roadway impacts to water quality in nearby Miller Creek.

Project Status: Construction is expected to begin in spring 2025 and complete in fall 2025.

Playground structure at a city park.
New play equipment at Manhattan Park in Burien.

Manhattan Park Play Equipment Replacement

Location: Manhattan Park, 18386 4th Ave. S.

Project Details: This project replaced 20-year-old playground equipment and associated park furnishings at Manhattan Park with play equipment for two youth age groups.

Project Status: Complete. The playground reopened in May of 2024.

Construction workers in safety gear repair pavement in the middle of an intersection.
Workers repairing pavement in an intersection.

Pavement Management Program

Location: Gregory Heights (16th Avenue SW), Downtown (SW 154th Street), and Boulevard Park (South 115th Street) neighborhoods.

Project Details: The 2024 pavement program will include pothole repairs and crack sealing, together with full reconstruction and pavement overlay projects.

Project status: Construction to be complete in September 2024.

A tree growing next to a sidewalk has caused damage by displacing the concrete.
Tree damaging and blocking sidewalk along S. 136th St. in Burien.

South 136th Street Sidewalk Improvements

Location: South 136th Street between 1st Avenue South and Des Moines Memorial Drive South.

Project Details: This project will reconstruct sidewalks on both sides of South 136th Street that have been severely damaged from mature tree roots. Existing trees will be removed, and new landscaping will be installed where space allows, existing street parking on the north side of the street will be eliminated, bike lanes will be installed, water quality features will be constructed, and a new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) will be installed at 3rd Avenue South for pedestrian crossings.

Project Status: Construction is nearing completion as of summer 2024.

A white car drives through a large intersection in downtown Burien.
Intersection of SW 148th Street and 4th Avenue SW in Burien.

SW 148th Street Intersection Improvements

Location: SW 148th Street between 4th Avenue SW and 6th Avenue SW.

Project Details: This project will reconstruct the traffic signal and add a northbound right turn lane at SW 148th Street and 4th Avenue SW, construct a new traffic signal at SW 148th Street and 6th Avenue SW, upgrade pedestrian facilities to meet accessibility (ADA) requirements, reconstruct a rockery at SW 148th Street and 4th Avenue SW, and add pedestrian-level lighting on the south side of SW 148th Street.

Project Status: City will begin accepting construction bids in summer 2024.

Roadway surrounded by forest with traffic barriers.
Area damaged by landslides leading into Seahurst Park in Burien.

Seahurst Park Slide Repair Project

Location: Seahurst Park, 1600 SW Seahurst Park Rd.

Project Details: This project in Seahurst Park repaired the landslide that happened in 2014 on the south side of SW Seahurst Park Road. Improvements to the road included construction of a soldier pile retaining wall with 544 square feet of timber lagging, installation of storm sewers, grading, erosion control, slope stabilization, removal and replacement of curb, gutter, sidewalk, asphalt shared use path, hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement, striping, and other work.

Project Status: Project was completed in spring 2024.

Removal of stairway through a forested area.
Removal of damaged stairway in Eagle Landing Park in Burien.

Eagle Landing Park Stairway Project

Location: Eagle Landing Park, 14641 25th Ave. SW.

Project Details: This project removed a stairway in Eagle Landing Park. Starting in late 2014, damage to the stairs was noticed and the stairway was closed to public use due to safety concerns. The Burien City Council, engineers, and risk managers recommended removing the full stairway to reduce the risk of a massive failure of the structure and potential harm to park users. The City will continue to maintain a trail and viewpoints for the public to use and enjoy.

Project Status: Project was completed in January 2024.

Map outlining the work area for an upcoming storm drain pipeline project.
Pipeline will be constructed along 21st Ave. SW and SW 119th St. in Burien.

21st Avenue SW Stormwater Relief Project

Location: 11728 21st Ave. SW south to SW 119th Street, east along SW 119th Street to 20th Avenue SW.

Project Details: The City was able to obtain a King County Flood Control grant to fund the construction of an 18-inch storm drain pipe. This new pipeline shall relieve an older one that currently conveys stormwater through the backyard of several homes and has caused significant flooding. The new pipeline also provides better accessibility and maintenance.

Project Status: Construction expected to begin summer 2024.

Playground structure at a city park.
Current play equipment at Lakeview Park in Burien.

Lakeview Park Play Equipment Replacement

Location: Lakeview Park, 422 SW 160th St.

Project Details: The City of Burien plans to replace the playground equipment and associated park furnishings at Lakeview Park this year. Our goal is to replace the equipment within the same footprint and have play features for the 5- to 12-year-old youth age group. The equipment for the 2- to 5-year-old age group was installed in 2019 and is not due for replacement.

Project Status: Construction expected to start fall or winter 2024 and complete in late 2024 or early 2025.

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