Building Burien: Parks and Public Works Projects Investing in Community

Infrastructure projects help build a healthy and livable community for all.

The City of Burien is completing the following infrastructure and capital projects in Burien this year. These community investments help build a healthy and livable community for all. Learn more about how infrastructure gets built.

Peter Western Bridge Project

Location: S 116th St between 24th Ave S and Military Rd

Project details: This project replaces the Peter Western Bridge that was demolished after severe erosion in 2017. The new bridge was designed and constructed with federal, state, and local funds.

Project status:  Construction was completed in early 2021. The plant establishment period continues through fall 2021.

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Eagle Landing Park Drainage Improvements

Location: Eagle Landing Park, located at 14641 25th Ave SW

Project Details: This project alleviates recurring surface erosion from a stormwater outfall at the top of the park. The project consists of the installation of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe to tight-line the existing open drainage through the park and connect to an existing outfall at the southern edge of the park, and provide improvements to this outfall. It also includes installation of two water quality treatment facilities and stormwater conveyance improvements along 25th Ave SW.

Project Status: Construction began in fall 2020 and was completed in early 2021. Plant establishment will occur through late 2021. The park was reopened to the public this April.

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1st Ave South Overlay and Rehabilitation

Location: 1st Ave S from S/SW 128th St to S/SW 140th St

Project Details: Project improvements include pavement repairs, full street width grind and overlay, channelization, accessibility improvements, traffic signal improvements, and minor storm drainage improvements to preserve and extend the functional life of this principal arterial.

Project status:  Completed construction in early 2021.

Occidental Ave S Drainage Improvements

Location: Occidental Ave S, between S 128th St and S 132nd St

Project Details: This project alleviates flooding on roadway and private properties in a residential neighborhood that has reoccurred over the last several years during large rain events. The existing system consists of shallow ditches and pipes that are damaged, broken, and disjointed along the west shoulder of Occidental Ave S. The improvements include a new, underground drainage system of 12’’ to 18’’ pipe and new drainage structures.

Project Status: Construction is expected to begin in early fall 2021 and be completed by the end of the year.

Learn more about the project.

Hermes Outlet Improvement Project

Location: SW 130th St from 4th Ave SW to 1st Ave SW

Project details: New pumps were installed at Hermes Basin Stormwater Retention Pond located at 440 SW 130th St, replacing the two existing pumps, which had almost 30 years of service life. This project also replaced the existing force main stormwater pipe along SW 130th St, to reroute stormwater pumped from the low area near 4th Ave SW and to eliminate stormwater being discharged through and onto private property.

Project status:  Construction was completed in summer 2021.

2021 Pavement Management Program

Locations:  SW 116th St from 26th Ave SW to 28th Ave SW; 21st Ave SW from SW 149th St to SW 146th St; SW 146th St from 21st Ave SW to 16th Ave SW; 21st. Ave SW from Marine View Drive to SW 168th St

Project details: This program reduces the long-term cost to maintain Burien streets by making necessary pavement repairs, grinding the street surface, and overlaying with asphalt. Three sites were selected for the 2021 construction season. Accessibility improvements will be made at the S 116th St location.

This project also includes a pavement condition survey to evaluate the condition of all city streets. This survey will allow the City to develop cost-effective plans for future maintenance projects and is often a requirement for grant applications.

Project status: Construction is scheduled for late summer 2021 and will be completed by the end of the year.

Burien Community Center Restroom Modifications

Location: 14700 6th Ave SW

Project details: The project will add a family restroom and renovate the current men’s and women’s restrooms. All restrooms will be accessible (ADA compliant). During the construction, temporary restrooms and handwashing facilities will be provided outside the building.

Project status:  Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer and will likely be completed by the end of January 2022.

Lake Burien Memorial Park Improvements

Location: 1620 SW 149th St

Project details: This project will replace the playground and walking pathway at the park. During construction, the park will be closed, except for the tennis courts.

Project status: Construction is scheduled for summer 2021 and will be completed by the end of the year.

Moshier Memorial Park and Stormwater Improvements

Location: 430 S 156th St

Project details: The project will make significant stormwater improvements to the parking lot and park, completely renovate the parking lot adding walkways and planter strips, convert the baseball and softball field to synthetic turf using a wood infill, and provide additional recreational uses, including youth soccer and lacrosse. The project will also replace the restroom and concessionaire building. The park will be closed during construction and the parking lot will have limited access for Moshier Art Center and Highline Memorial Stadium. Overflow parking will be available at Sunnydale Elementary School.

Project status:  Construction is scheduled for summer 2021 and will be completed by early 2022.

Annex Community Park Improvements

Location: 425 SW 144th St

Project details: In 2020, the former Burien Community Center Annex was demolished due to the buildings being at the end of their operational life. Since then, the parking lot, pathway, and basketball surfaces were sealed and repainted and a fence was installed around the parking lot. The City is continuing to work on improving the north lawn, which requires installation of irrigation and top dressing.

Project status: The lawn improvements will occur through 2021 and early 2022.

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